Sale! Ithaca Peak turquoise bracelet [Bracelets for sale!]

IMG_9776 (500x333).jpg
unsign most likely Navaho artist Nakai 51grams 
stamped sterling silver, 3 old Ithaca Peak with pyrite, Arizona turquoise
widest point 29.5mm tapers to ends 11.9mm
stones size center 25x22mm next two 20x17mm 
size 16 to 18cm. more photo's on request.
Price 40.000 

Sale! Black Hills turquoise bracelet [Bracelets for sale!]

IMG_9805 (500x333).jpg
#002 Sold 
 rare Black Hills Nevada, micro black spiderweb turquoise

Sale 14ct. gold & silver bracelet [Bracelets for sale!]

IMG_9813 (500x333).jpg 
Navaho artist Marc Antta wt.37grams
style overlay 
stamped & sterling silver
size 16 to 18 cm. can be resized smaller
9.91mm wide, 2.70mm thick more photo's on request!
# 001 Price 29.000 yen 

Sale! Kingman Black Spiderweb [turquoise cabs for sale]

IMG_4974 (640x427).jpg
Kingman Black Spiderweb 9.5ct.
Backed for strenght, no cracks more pictures on request 


Sale! Kingman Black Spiderweb [turquoise cabs for sale]

IMG_4971 (640x427).jpg
Kingman Black Spiderweb
10ct. 19.8x13.4x4.8mm
Backed for strenght, no cracks more pictures on request! 

coral & umoregi brooch made by a dirty old man [Hand crafts ( umoregi )]

IMG_1514 (640x427).jpg
About 5000 years old bog wood ( umoregi )
IMG_1519 (640x408).jpg
Back side
The lady that order it, had this old broken piece of coral.
She ask me if I could make something with it.
custom made sold! 








Bog Wood ( umoregi ) [Hand crafts ( umoregi )]

custom order sold
IMG_5282 (640x427).jpg
Around 5000 years old bog wood 
IMG_5271 (640x427).jpg
Letter opener 
Hand made 925 silver & bog wood ( umoregi )
The person who order it wanted a special gift
for a monk. So I came up with this idea!