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Sale Lone Mountain spiderweb turquoise bracelet [Bracelets for sale!]

IMG_1777 (640x427).jpg
Lone Mountain rare spiderweb Navajo artist S. C. weight 29 grams
wide 20.27mm stone 16.5x12mm nice deep stamped
size16 to 17.5cm. can be re-sized smaller to 14 or 15 cm. 925 silver 
IMG_3302 (640x427).jpg
Price 45.000 

Sale! Silver Sun style bracelet [Bracelets for sale!]

051 (640x427).jpg
Navajo artist Alex Sanchez weight 33.6 grams
Wide 13.5mm size 16.5 to 18 cm. can be ajusted.
925sv. old sun style deep stamped & filed.
053 (640x427).jpg
Price 12.000 yen 

Sale! Old Ithaca Peak turquoise bracelet [Bracelets for sale!]

077 (640x427).jpg
Old Ithaca Peak Navajo artist M. Nubuie can't read the
last couple of letters? 925sv. Weight 16.2 grams
wide 24mm ends 6mm stone 17.7x14mm
turquoise has pryite & quarts
Size 14 to 16cm. can be ajusted
Very nice ladys bracelet
083 (640x427).jpg
Price 9000 yen 

Sale! Blue Gem bracelet [Bracelets for sale!]

014 (640x427).jpg
Navajo artist Jake Sampson weight 76 grams
Blue Gem turquoise mined in Nevada
Wide 40mm ends 28mm style repousse & deep stamp work.
largest stone 22.7x8.8mm 12 small stones 7.6x5.5mm
stones are a little deeper blue than picture
very nice silver work
Size 16.5 cm. to 18.5 can be resized a little. 
010 (531x640).jpg
Price 75.000 yen 

Sale! corn in a row bracelet [Bracelets for sale!]

IMG_9777 (500x333).jpg
Bracelet Famous Navajo Artist Lee Bennett
This kind of bracelet style is call corn in a row.
There are 27 pieces of matching Lone Mountain turquoise.
Well crafted ones like this are getting hard to find( rare ), because
cutting & fitting them together is very time consuming.
Also the cost of high grade turquoise is becoming expensive!
Sold Price 70.000 yen 

Sale! Blue Diamond turquoise Bracelet [Bracelets for sale!]

IMG_3945 (640x427).jpg
Navajo Artist Nakai rare Blue Diamond turquoise weight 39 grams
Size 14cm to 17cm can be adjusted a little sm. or lg. 925 silver
Center stone 25x21mm next two 24x15mm last two 19x15mm
More photo's on request. 
Price 50.000 yen

Sale 14ct. gold & silver Navajo bracelet [Bracelets for sale!]

IMG_9782 (500x333).jpg
Navajo artist  J. Begay 70grams very heavy
 Cuff is very detailed overlay style 925sv. & 14ct gold on the bear.
J. Begay is very famous for his overlay work.
This is an older cuff 1970's Navajo rug pattern design.
These cuffs take a long time to make & are becoming very rare & collectable.
One of a kind, you will never see another like it! 
size 14 to 16 cm. 25mm wide 2.35 thick more photo's on request.
Price 80.000 yen 

Sale! Ithaca Peak turquoise bracelet [Bracelets for sale!]

IMG_9776 (500x333).jpg
unsign most likely Navaho artist Nakai 51grams 
stamped sterling silver, 3 old Ithaca Peak with pyrite, Arizona turquoise
widest point 29.5mm tapers to ends 11.9mm
stones size center 25x22mm next two 20x17mm 
size 16 to 18cm. more photo's on request.
Price 40.000 

Sale! Black Hills turquoise bracelet [Bracelets for sale!]

IMG_9805 (500x333).jpg
#002 Sold 
 rare Black Hills Nevada, micro black spiderweb turquoise

Sale 14ct. gold & silver bracelet [Bracelets for sale!]

IMG_9813 (500x333).jpg 
Navaho artist Marc Antta wt.37grams
style overlay 
stamped & sterling silver
size 16 to 18 cm. can be resized smaller
9.91mm wide, 2.70mm thick more photo's on request!
# 001 Price 29.000 yen 

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