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Sale! Damele turquoise 18.5ct. [turquoise cabs for sale]

IMG_4886 (640x427).jpg
Damele turquoise mined in Nevada 18.5ct.
Gold & white spiderweb 
Size 24.3x18.8x5.6mm backed for strength
Very little of this turquoise is being mine ( rare! )
More pictures on request, very hard, no cracks 

Price 25.000 yen 

Sale! Kingman Black spiderweb 18ct. [turquoise cabs for sale]

IMG_4963 (640x427).jpg
Kingman Black spiderweb 18ct.
Size 23x19.5x5.4mm mined in Arizona
Backed for strength 
Has a few small pits like most natural turquoise 
More pictures on request! 
This weeks special sale 



Sale! Carico Lake turquoise [turquoise cabs for sale]

IMG_5141 (640x427).jpg
Deep green Carico Lake turquoise Nevada 8.5ct.
Size 15x13x5.9mm
More pictures on request! 

Sale! Blue Gem turquoise total 31.5 ct. [turquoise cabs for sale]

IMG_5081 (640x427).jpg
Old stock Blue Gem set of 5 total 31.5 ct.
Size from left to right matching set
10.8x9x4.5mm 16.4x11.7x4.9mm 16x11.4x5.9mm
14.6x11.2x5.3mm 12.3x8.4x4.7mm
all stones are back for strength no cracks, very hard


Sale! Blue Gem turquoise 21.5 ct. [turquoise cabs for sale]

IMG_5075 (640x427).jpg
Blue Gem turquoise set #5 cabs total 21.5 ct.
Old stock mined in Nevada
size from left to right matching stones
12.5x9x2.7mm 15.5x11x3.7mm 17x11.3x3.7mm
15.8x10.8x3.7mm 12.9x7.8x3.3mm
all are back for strenght no cracks very hard turquoise
Price 6000 yen  

Sale! Kingman Black Spiderweb [turquoise cabs for sale]

IMG_5228 (640x427).jpg
Kingman Black Spiderweb 4.5ct.
15x11.4x3.3mm mined in Arizona
Back for strenght no cracks, more photo's on request. 


Damele turquoise Nevada [turquoise cabs for sale]

IMG_4730 (640x427).jpg
These are some Damele cabs that I will list later.
A couple of them are aready sold. 
Only a very small amount is being mined.
In this bunch you can see a variety of different
colors of this rare collectible turquoise. 

Sale! Royal New Lander [turquoise cabs for sale]

IMG_4899 (640x427).jpg
Royal New Lander black spiderweb, Nevada 12ct.
21.4x17x4.3 old stock
Backed for strength no cracks, more photo's on request

Sale! Lone Mountain turquoise [turquoise cabs for sale]

IMG_4598 (640x427) (2).jpg
Lone Mountain 5.5 ct.
17x9x4mm with white quarts very hard!
Backed for strenght, no cracks,more photo's on request!
1500 yen 

Sale! Kingman Black Spiderweb [turquoise cabs for sale]

IMG_4974 (640x427).jpg
Kingman Black Spiderweb 9.5ct.
Backed for strenght, no cracks more pictures on request 


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