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Kanzashi bog wood & turquoise [Hand crafts ( umoregi )]

IMG_0411 (585x640).jpg
Kanzashi turquoise & bog wood ( umoregi )
around 5000 year old wood 
I make these for a kimono shop.
For long hair beautifull ladies!
IMG_0414 (640x380).jpg
close up
If you look at the wood grain with a microscope.
You will be able to see the minerals that formed,
in the wood over thousands of years.
Very rare wood! 



Old Nata [Hand crafts ( umoregi )]

IMG_9547 (500x333).jpg
I found this old rusty nata about 75 years old,
without a handle & decided to renew it.
This old nata was more that likely made in Aizuwakamatsu, Fukushima.
The steel to make it might have once been a old samurai's weapon. 
IMG_9545 (500x333).jpg
The handle I hand carved out of umoregi ( bog wood )
IMG_9548 (500x333).jpg
The name stamped on the blade is Tengu. 
I wet sanded it as not to heat the steel & lose the temper.
I've renewed about five natas, lots of fun!
IMG_5315 (500x333).jpg
65 year Old Tengu mask my father-inlaw bought on a trip to
Miharau, Fukushima, Dekoyashiki ( old shop, house ) 
IMG_5314 (333x500).jpg
He also bought this one at the same time. 

coral & umoregi brooch made by a dirty old man [Hand crafts ( umoregi )]

IMG_1514 (640x427).jpg
About 5000 years old bog wood ( umoregi )
IMG_1519 (640x408).jpg
Back side
The lady that order it, had this old broken piece of coral.
She ask me if I could make something with it.
custom made sold! 








Bog Wood ( umoregi ) [Hand crafts ( umoregi )]

custom order sold
IMG_5282 (640x427).jpg
Around 5000 years old bog wood 
IMG_5271 (640x427).jpg
Letter opener 
Hand made 925 silver & bog wood ( umoregi )
The person who order it wanted a special gift
for a monk. So I came up with this idea!

Hand crafts ( umoregi ) ブログトップ