Kings crazy angler! [ Dirty old fisherman]

縺ゥ縺薙°縺ク豸医∴縺。繧・▲縺溘く繝ウ繧ー (442x650).jpg
This angler loves king fishing!
Here's another nice buck he caught
about 60lbs 

King on long pole [ Dirty old fisherman]

IMG_0005 (650x436).jpg
Long pole king fishing
These two guest were catching king with 18ft. poles.
Interesting fight, with these long poles you can keep your lure
right in front all the time. Very effective on small rivers, they could land several
IMG_0008 (650x445).jpg
They released about 10 kings each in two days &
hooked twice as many!  

Big Silver Salmon [ Dirty old fisherman]

IMG_0026 (650x439).jpg
One of my favorite rivers in Alaska!
Big silvers fly fishing average weigh 12 to 16 lb.
My largest silver 22lb. wet fly.
I've also have caught several on dry flys.
Very interesting & challenging place to fish.
Beach, river & lake all in less than a mile.
IMG_0027 (650x443).jpg
One of my many trips. 
Check out the big hook nose on this 18+lb. buck. 
Silver bullets! 

WIN! spiderweb turquoise cab! [Stories]

Rare Black Spiderweb Story & Pictures!
Help give it a name & win a piece! 
IMG_5350 (539x650).jpg
Three pictures of same stone, above & below.
IMG_5351 (487x650).jpgIMG_5346 (413x650).jpg
Above stone size 60mm X 70mm weight 255.8 grams or 1279 ct.
I've cut three nice cabs off it so far.
IMG_3738 (427x640).jpg
Above cab size 42.6x30.5x4.27mm 46.5ct. 
IMG_3737 (405x640).jpg
above cab size 27x23.7x5.1mm 24ct.
IMG_5357 (650x488).jpg
last one size 49.9x36.5x5.9mm 84.5ct.
None of these cabs are backed.
Hardest turquoise I have ever cut! Very rare black spiderweb turquoise
I found this turquoise chunk a few years back in Nevada in a
dried up creek bed. Only a small hint of blue was showing, lucky it was a sunny
day or I would have miss it. Followed the creek into the near by canyon to look for the mother load,
to no avail. Next year plan on returning to look for her again.
The stone weight was about 800 grams when I found it including the host stone.
After grinding it down, I was left with less than 300 grams. 

Stripe Marlin on a fly [ Dirty old fisherman]

IMG_0024 (650x439).jpg
Its been a while sense I've fish there. 
Lots of good memories. It was very easy to hook stripe marlin
on a fly, but landing them was difficult! 
Great top water action for fly fishermen many kinds of fish.
IMG_0021 (650x443).jpg
Sometimes the whole bottom of the ocean around the boat,
would be gold & blue 1000's of Dorado. Every cast on top
water fly's you could hook one of these super fast high
flying beautiful fish!
This was average size. Sometimes up to 40lb.
Larger ones don't travel with the smaller ones. They can weigh in
                                  at 50 to 100lb. These fish grow at an incredible rate.                                    Pound per pound the hardest, fastest, jumping, fighting fish in the
Ocean!  I've caught them in many places around the world.
IMG_0025 (650x439).jpg
Rooster fish are also fun to catch.
They like to cruise the surf, sometimes the small ones like
to travel in packs of 3 to 5 fish. Big ones are loners & can weigh
over a hundred pounds. I've caught them fishing from the beach.
They are farely common from Baha Mexico to Panama.
Interesting how they come to the surface & make S turns with their
seven fins on their back sticking out of the water before they strike. 

Global warming! [Stories]

IMG_0018 (650x439).jpg
This is the view you could expect to see every year at Portage Lake.
Calving chunks of ice the size of three story homes or bigger,
all over the lake 20 years ago. But now you can't even see Portage Glacier
without taking a boat ride for one hour. 
Global warming believe it! 

Great day! [ Dirty old fisherman]

IMG_0017 (650x443).jpg
We released five kings that day & kept these three.
Two big bucks & one female for the ikura!
Big kings are really tasty sashimi, I like them more than
big blue fin tuna. 

Two big mama's [ Dirty old fisherman]

IMG_0028 (650x443).jpg
A couple of big mama's on the right,
med. size center & three chickens
If a halibut is over 200LB or bigger. they are most likely
females & dirty old fishermen call them.
Big Mama in Alaska! 

Smoking Kills fish [ Dirty old fisherman]

IMG_0002 (650x465).jpg
Quit before it kills ya!

Freedom in the sky! [Stories]

IMG_0014 (650x445).jpg
40 hours flying time in four days solo!
Solo flying, following the Rocky Mountains to Alaska.
During the night I would sleep under the plane. 
One of my best adventures, in my Taylor Craft airplane.
November 4417 Papa
Rocky Mountain High!