Stripe Marlin on a fly [ Dirty old fisherman]

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Its been a while sense I've fish there. 
Lots of good memories. It was very easy to hook stripe marlin
on a fly, but landing them was difficult! 
Great top water action for fly fishermen many kinds of fish.
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Sometimes the whole bottom of the ocean around the boat,
would be gold & blue 1000's of Dorado. Every cast on top
water fly's you could hook one of these super fast high
flying beautiful fish!
This was average size. Sometimes up to 40lb.
Larger ones don't travel with the smaller ones. They can weigh in
                                  at 50 to 100lb. These fish grow at an incredible rate.                                    Pound per pound the hardest, fastest, jumping, fighting fish in the
Ocean!  I've caught them in many places around the world.
IMG_0025 (650x439).jpg
Rooster fish are also fun to catch.
They like to cruise the surf, sometimes the small ones like
to travel in packs of 3 to 5 fish. Big ones are loners & can weigh
over a hundred pounds. I've caught them fishing from the beach.
They are farely common from Baha Mexico to Panama.
Interesting how they come to the surface & make S turns with their
seven fins on their back sticking out of the water before they strike. 

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