Fire Agate ブログトップ

Sale! Fire Agate Slaughter Mountain, Arizona [Fire Agate]

IMG_4235 (640x563).jpg
 This picture & the stone below are the same fire agate 
IMG_4227 (640x611).jpg
Next stone
IMG_4234 (564x465).jpg
This is the other end below.
IMG_4233 (515x357).jpg
Fire agates are similar to opals. When you move them
around under a light or the sun. They change colors.
Fire agates are much harder that opals. They are about 7.5
on the hardness scale, which makes them durable for wearing everyday.
In a few days I give you more details, photo's & prices
I have a nice selection of them already cut & more rough
to cut later. High grade ones are very collectable gemsIMG_4209 (478x400).jpg
If interested e-mail me, I have a large variety of size
and different grades.
IMG_4222 (640x458).jpg
above picture is another one, can see more pictures on request!
IMG_4230 (436x499).jpg
Here's another, very difficult to show in one photo.
It takes about five photo's to see what they look like,
even then photo's don't show the real beauty of these gem stones!IMG_4246 (640x621).jpg 

Fire Agate ブログトップ