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Plump spiderweb turquoise = warm night! [turquoise collection]

IMG_3794 (650x423).jpg
Very plump cut deep blue spiderweb, but on a cold night very warm.
In Alaska when their this big they say, one blanket w_m_n 
Winter is here!

Melon green turquoise [turquoise collection]

IMG_4889 (650x488).jpg
Melon green with a pinch of sky blue, black, gold & brown matrix 
Don't ya just love it!

lean mean & green [turquoise collection]

IMG_4892 (591x507).jpg
Bright dark green, med & light with brown & black matrix 
Why are so many women green with envy of the same sex?
Best way to cure this disorder find a big wiener wand.
Works like magic!

Lolita Lime love [turquoise collection]

IMG_4611 (650x290).jpg
Lolita Lime long brown and black matrix
Lovely Lolita riding horse.

Lady of the night. [turquoise collection]

IMG_3893 (548x640).jpg
Lovely Lady of the night got it all!
Very rare one of a kind, reddish brown, black spiderweb, deep, med. light blue
and a wee bit of tantalizing green, lime and yellow.
What would you pay to hold her one night?

Big Mama shaken the black spiderweb. [turquoise collection]

IMG_4591 (650x348).jpg
Say hello to Big Mama!
Deep blue to med. about half black spiderweb.
Yes I love the big cabs, they always make you smile!
Even if your a dirty old man. 
Shake it baby!

Blues for You! [turquoise collection]

I got the baby boy turquoise blues!
lots more blues coming, do ya like it?  

Thick black web [turquoise collection]

IMG_4040 (640x493).jpg
Thick black web, deep to light blue. 
Don't any of you people have a comment or question?
Comments in Japanese are welcome!!! 
Do you want to see more??????

Blue Black Widow [turquoise collection]

IMG_4023 (567x640).jpg
Nice curves on this deep to med. blue black widow
Big wide bust on this older lady!
She can still get the dirty old men to turn their heads.
Are ya looking big boy! 

Quadruplets [turquoise collection]

IMG_5124 (640x547).jpg
 Four black spiderweb med to light blue, plump petite beauties.
Rare sisters that look a like, but like most their is
a little deference. Which one do you like? 
All brought to life in the same mountain!
I love em all! 

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